Our team

We are workoholics

We are with passion and talent for the thing to work with minimum rules and maximum freedom and creativity. We take responsibility, get more energy at work than elsewhere and have fun with what we do. We are proud of our skills and want the world to know. Working here is exciting, thrilling, awesome, cool, and coupled with fantastic customer projects.

Melissa Brauer

Managing Director

+ 49 342 99 68 4009

Melissa characterized by its high analytical and intercultural negotiating strength.

With vasu since April 2013 she is responsible for the strategic alignment of the company and is responsible for it power of attorney.
Your audience in next sales meeting will be speechless amazed!

Daniel Scholz

Marketing Manager

Daniel has impressive sales and marketing experience

Daniel is integrated into the vasu since the end of 2015. Focus of activity are Marketing and Sales. He is responsible for the operational sales in the EU with his team.

Who says sustainability can`t be sexy?

Kathy Stam

Marketing Team

Kathy has impressive creative and art experience.

In vasu since March 2013 he is responsible for the strategic direction and development of the Asian & U.S. market.

Developing more layered identities, establishing thicker product relationships, and unwrap new opportunities.

Stanley Xu

General Manager Asia

Stanley has more than 5 years experience ...

... in the Asian market, both on the purchasing side, and at the sales level on and an international project manager for well-known brands from various industries in China.

Together will focus on, Competition, Product, Process, Prize, Distribution & Awareness Strategies.

Our Skills

  • Strategic Sales & Marketing100%
  • Social Media Sales & Marketing96%
  • Market Research & Penetration98%
  • Brand Positioning80%
  • Product Design85%
  • Video Editing90%
  • New Business Development100%
  • New Product Launches87%
  • Strategic Product Placement Concepts96%
  • Business Planning & Forecasting98%
  • Branding Design90%
  • Stakeholder & Relationship Management88%
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